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About Us

 Welcome to your Cathedral Church! 

Message from our Rector:

As the fifteenth rector of the Cathedral Parish of St. John the Evangelist, I want to extend to you a coordial welcome to our website and our Cathedral parish community.

Our parish community numbers some 1,500 households, and together we are called to build the Kingdom of God. Here on this website you can find when we gather for WORSHIP to strengthen our Christian unity; also included are our various ministries where you can SERVE those most in need with love and dignity, and opportunities to GROW your faith in the Truth of life that Jesus provides us. We appreciate and are open to your willingness to GIVE of your time, treasure and talent. We want you to know, furthermore, that it is here that you have a place to BELONG: there is always a pew for you! As the mother church of the Diocese of Boise this beautiful building belongs to you. Click around on this website to find out more about who, what and why we are. May St. John the Evangelist enlighten and guide you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Rev. Gerald "Jerry" Funke; Rector of St. John's Cathedral

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Why a change?

In 2018 we embarked on a new branding campaign marked by some old/new logos. Previously our most used image for the Cathedral was this watercolor rendition that served as our main visual identity on our bulletin cover, name badges, envelopes, posters, etc. The 2018 replacement of the steps, however, significantly altered the exterior view of the Cathedral and it also necessitated a rethinking of the Cathedral logo. What emerged were two logos (a primary and secondary) based on several defining elements of the Cathedral community



Why the 1876 date? 

1840 – First Catholic mass in SE Idaho
1870 – First Catholic church in Boise: St. Patrick’s burned down and no church in town for almost five years
<< 1876 – St. John the Evangelist parish community established; church dedicated (9th & Bannock pictured here)
1893 – Diocese of Boise established; old St. John’s named the Cathedral
1906 – Cornerstone laid for the construction of the current St. John’s Cathedral (8th & Hays)



Why the blue and gold colors?

The two colors are derived from interior accent colors of the Cathedral.


Why the eagle?

The four evangelists each have their own symbols: Matthew (winged man), Mark (winged lion), Luke (winged ox) and St. John the Evangelist is the eagle. This was the basis of one or our earliest symbols shown above, which was used on early stationary, and serves as the seal of the Cathedral parish for official papers. The eagle version is our secondary logo.

  Why the church outline?
One of the most defining elements is the shape of the building itself. For an effective brand, you want to select something that most everyone will quickly recognize (and doesn’t need explaining). Less is more in a brand, and that is why two external elements are prominently featured: the rose window and one of the crosses.

  Why “caTHEdral”?
This is based on common reference, our website name, and a unique element of our church. While not having a Gallop survey of all parishioners over time, we know that while some say “I’m going to St. John’s,” many others say “I’m going to the Cathedral.” Our website address of also designates us as the Cathedral. Finally the aim was to build on one of the most unique elements of our church since there is only one cathedral in a diocese.



Click here to read a brochure about the history and architecture of the Cathedral. 

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